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The information in this directory is updated as of 28th September 2018. Users of this directory are advised to check on the validity of the companies' Halal certificates before purchasing any items from the companies listed in the Directory.


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Company Product & Service Description

1 Lim Chu Kang Lane 9A
Singapore 718845

N & N has been established in Singapore since 2001.
Our vision is to be a socially responsible producer of fresh eggs and processed egg products that prioritise freshness and food safety for both end consumers and commercial users.
Our 13-hectare farm is home to more than half a million hens producing about 400,000 eggs per day. We pride ourselves as a high-tech, bio-secure and zero-waste-output
In line with N & N's commitment to food safety, we have invested over S$11million to build the 1st and only shell egg pasteurization facility in our farm utilising the multi-patented Safest Choice pasteurization technology that meets World Health Organisation's (WHO) standard. Safest Choice technology is developed by National Pasteurized Eggs, Inc (NPE), the world's largest producer of pasteurized ...more

At N & N Agriculture, producing fresh eggs of superior quality and value for both consumers and commercial users is at the heart of what we do. Because we know healthy hens mean wholesome eggs, we place great emphasis in ensuring the most conducive living environment and formulating a nutritious, well-balanced diet for our hens that comprises the best quality ingredients fortified with essential vitamins ...more

N & N offers commercial users a wide range of Halal pasteurized egg products made from high-quality N & N fresh eggs with absolutely no chemicals or preservatives added. Our stringent pasteurization processes ensure a high level of food safety with bacteria reduced to an acceptable level approved by AVA Singapore. These value-added options offer convenience, time and cost savings for our commercial ...more