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C hange is the only constant in life. As a regulator and a certifying body, we are very much well aware of the continuous changes and movements in the global Halal food industry, and we are making strides to keep up with the changes and harness
In this digital era, we witness a multitude of creative and technological advancements that are being curated and developed to meet the industry’s needs. Muisishighlysupportiveofthis,aslongas the traceability is intact and the integrity of Halal certi cation is not compromised.
As a step further to support our certi cate holders, Muis has now placed our application processes in the LicenceOne platform, which is a government portal for more than 100 licences. This has enabled businesses to submit all their applications in one platform, thus enhancing productivity.
Muis is also taking the lead to ensure that we expand opportunities for the industry. With that, we are proud to announce that our certi cation processes have attained Muis ISO 17065 and GSO
2055-2 accreditations. With the GSO 2055-2 accreditation, Muis Halal certi ed products will be able to enter the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Muis will continue to support our local businesses seeking Halal certi cation. We believe that Halal certi cation is thriving in Singapore due to our multicultural landscape. Having a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing Halal food enable people from different walks of life to get together, promoting greater social interaction and cohesion in our culturally-diverse city state.
This ninth publication is a platform for companies to search for Halal suppliers and to help market Singapore Halal- certi ed products internationally. Our Halal Directory is also made available online, so that consumers may have easy access to the information on Halal- certi ed premises. We hope you  nd it useful.
Thank you.
Esa Masood
Chief Executive Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis)

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