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Years of making THE BEST
Dim Sum Skin (Wanton)
Dim Sum Skin (Dumpling)
Dim Sum Skin (Gyoza)
Emerald Noodle
Hong Kong Noodle (Wanton)
Whole Egg Noodle
A Leading Manufacturer of Asian Noodles
and Noodles Related Product.
We Manufacture the following Products Fresh Noodle: HK Wanton Noodle, Japanese Ramen, Fishball Noodle, Whole Egg Noodle, Emerald Noodle
Dim Sum Skin: Wanton Skin, Shao Mai Skin, Dumpling Skin, Gyoza Skin
We are able to Supply the following Trading Products Dried Noodle: HK Claypot Noodle, Crispy Noodle, Vegetarian Noodle, Yee Fu Noodle, Sichuan Noodle, Bee Hoon, Yu Sheng Cracker
Cooked Noodle: Yellow Noodle, Hokkien Mee, Laksa Bee Hoon, Hor Fun, Bee Tai Mak, Kway Chap, Chee Chong Fun
Contact Person:
Ms Kim Nah - Sales Manager
Mr Clement Chong, Assistant Sales Manager
These products are Halal-certified either by Muis or Jakim
Blk 19 Defu Lane 10 #01-308 Singapore 539200
Tel: (65) 6280 0361 Email: Fax: (65) 6283 8698 Website:

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