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WEI CIAN FOODS PTE LTD 11 Woodlands Link Singapore 738724
Tel: (65) 6758 9818
Fax: (65) 6758 9832
Block 15 Woodlands Loop
Singapore 738322
Tel: (65) 6759 8133/6759 8233 Fax: (65) 6759 3783
Email: Website:
Nature of Business:
Yew Hwa Food Industries understands how food can convey a sense of warmth, family ties and well-wishes, and that is why we have been consistently providing our customers with quality  sh maw and yam paste since our founding in 1982. Whether as part of the meal or given as a gift during festive seasons and celebratory events such as wedding banquets and baby full-moons, our  sh maw and dessert paste are the perfect complement to such precious moments.
Made with a traditional recipe but modi ed to use healthier ingredients, you can rest assured that our products are the healthier choice with the use of vegetable oil, less sugar and no preservatives.
The company is also ISO 22000 and HACCP certi ed. Our quality assurance team ensures that our products are manufactured under strict supervision and quality. As one of the leading supplier of paste/curry puffs/confectionery  llings in Singapore, we are well positioned to do supplies distribution to many channels such as:
- Hotels & Restaurants
- Catering Companies
- Food Courts & Hawker Centres
- Wet Markets
We also offer OEM packaging and processing for customer’s need.
Our Products range
• Taro Yam paste, Red bean paste &
various types of paste
• Pumpkin Taro Yam paste • Gingkonut Taro Yam paste • Gingkonut
• Yam ring
• White bean paste
• Red bean paste
• Pumpkin paste
• Chilli prawn
• BBQ chicken char siew
• Fish maw
• Eel  sh maw
• Thread n  sh maw
• Jin Chang  sh maw
• Lotus  sh maw
• Curry puff (Potato)
• Curry puff (Chicken)
• Curry puff (Sardine)
• Sesame ball (Yam)
• Sesame ball (Peanut)
• Sesame ball (Bean paste) • Salted egg  sh skin
• Original fried  sh skin
5 Mandai Link
Singapore 728654
Tel: (65) 6256 7288
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Ms Angie Lim, Administrator
Nature of Business:
Manufacturer of You Tiao (Dough Fritters) and other traditional snacks.
With years of track record in the You Tiao business, You Tiao Man is your  rst choice when it comes to frozen and fresh You Tiao.
We are one of the few Halal You Tiao suppliers in Singapore, and our customers include many famous and award-winning hotels, restaurants, food chains, food courts and hawkers. Our strong track record is a testament to the quality and service standards of our company.
In 2018, You Tiao Man is also proud to be a Tasty Brand Ambassador by IE Singapore. This recognition is given to a selected few companies in Singapore that showcase the best of Singapore food
culture. It maintains a strict section on its members, selecting only those that embody its values of innovativeness, quality and food safety.
We may be a heritage brand, but we continuously challenge ourselves to push the boundaries on the possibilities of food production. In 2018, You Tiao Man is the  rst company to introduce the Charcoal You Tiao in Singapore. It has proved to be a great success with F&B establishments and hotels in Singapore.
Our Wholegrain You Tiao is the  rst in the world and is proudly developed here in Singapore by You Tiao Man. In collaboration with Health Promotion Board, we developed a You Tiao that contains 50% less calories and is proud to be awarded the Healthier Choice Symbol.
Our products are also proudly Halal certi ed and suitable for vegetarians.
ASIAN CATERING SERVICES 11 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #05-03
Singapore 415939
Tel: (65) 6441 1829
26 Senoko Crescent
Singapore 758277
Tel: (65) 6756 6328
Fax: (65) 6756 8069
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Nature of Business:
Since 1955 Chui Hiang brand of nuts & crackers has been enjoyed by generations. We believe in strict quality control and our vision is to continually explore and innovate, from ingredients to technology, will always be aimed at developing better and tastier snacks to serve our loyal customers. Who doesn’t want the perfect tidbit to go with that drink? We give you classic favorites, yet experiment with new  avours to give you unexpected tasty options. New machines ensure everything is prepared, sealed and presented in convenient handy portions  tting the modern urban lifestyle.

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