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4. For events in a non-Halal certi ed restaurant, the restaurant shall be closed for walk-in customers during the time of event
5. Muis may impose additional requirements that it deems necessary in ensuring that food is Halal- compliant
Award of Certificate
for Ad-Hoc Halal Certification Services Once all documents have been received and approved, Muis will send our contractors to perform the Ritual Cleansing and/or Food Verification Services on the appointed date. Should all requirements are met and ful lled, a Muis Halal Certi cate indicating the name, date and location of the event shall be awarded afterwards.
Public Education
In an effort to provide public education on Halal matters, Muis has been engaging the public via twitter. Twitter users are welcome to tweet out their queries with regards to Halal and Halal Certi cation to us @halalSG.
Upon request, Muis would also be able to provide basic Halal classes for schools. However, this depends on the availability of our of cers.
Companies interested to apply for Halal certi cation must send two representatives, one of them being the Muslim Representative, to complete a mandatory Halal training programme by Muis-appointed training provider. This Halal training course is called the “Halal Foundation Programme” or HFP.
At the end of this two-day course, participants will be able to:
• Understand the de nition and basic
concepts of Halal certi cation
• Be better prepared to comply with
Muis Halal requirements
• Gain an overview of the principles of
HalMQ (Halal Quality Management System)
In addition to that, Muis also offer the following training programmes:
1) Developing and Implementing
the Singapore Muis Halal Quality Management System
At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
• Understand the basic concepts and requirements of HalMQ
• Learn how to prepare and
document HalMQ procedures
• Gain an overview of internal audit
and assessment techniques
2) Halal Slaughtering Course (Theory), which is available upon request Interested individuals/companies may visit our website at for more information.
Complaint/feedback management
Muis adopts a tripartite halal family approach, comprising of:
i) Muis – conducts announced and
unannounced inspections (frequency depends on the risk categorisation of the establishment); investigates and follow-up on all halal-related complaints pertaining to the establishment
ii) Halal certi cate holders – ensure that the Muis Halal Certi cation Conditions are complied with
iii) Public – provides a source of check and balance
Consumers who come across companies with doubtful Halal practices may send in their complaints and feedback to Muis and we will investigate the feedback thoroughly.
Contact us
Halal Certi cation Strategic Unit 23 Mayo Street
Singapore 208323
Tel: 6359 1199 or 6812 6060 Fax: 6812 6061
Website: or

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