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Complying with Muis Halal Certification
Before making any formal application, companies must  rst ensure that they can meet the conditions set by Muis for the manufacture or preparation of Halal products or food. Here are some of the conditions they must ful l for certi cation:
1. Inspection will only commence after the company begins operation.
2. If the establishment is a fast-food chain or operates under a franchise scheme, the company must ensure that all outlets are Halal-compliant.
3. There must be at least two Muslim employees (three for operations
under the Food Preparation Area scheme) involved in the production or preparation of Halal food. Their presence is vital in helping to verify that all food prepared meets the Islamic requirements and conditions set by Muis. They must also be involved in receiving Halal food or meat supplies.
4. Only Halal food and drinks are to be served. Non-halal food or ingredients such as pork, lard and alcohol are not to be served. They cannot be used in any food or drinks.
5. All meat or poultry used must be slaughtered by quali ed Muslims.
6. All foreign Halal certi cates for
imported meat or poultry must be issued by Islamic authorities recognised by Muis.
7. Animal-based ingredients, such as gelatine and shortening, must be derived from a Halal source.
8. All crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils and equipment, chillers, freezers and cold rooms must be ritually cleansed by Muis-appointed personnel if they have been used previously for preparing food with pork.
9. Halal food must be prepared and stored separately from non-Halal food and items with proper signs to distinguish them.
10. There shall be no mixing of crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils and equipment for Halal and non-Halal
food that may occur during collection, washing or storing. Separate washing and drying equipment for such items must be provided.
11. All staff must not bring non-Halal food or beverages into the premises.
Inspection of Operations
Muis Halal Of cers will conduct an inspection at the applicant’s premises to ascertain that the manufacture or preparation of product/food meets Halal requirements. They will also check that there is proper supervision by Muslim employees in ensuring that the Halal status of the operations is maintained consistently. A repeat inspection may be carried out before an application is approved.
Award of Certificate
Once the Halal requirements set by Muis are met, the applicant will be issued a Halal certi cate. Periodic inspections will be made thereafter. The certi cate is valid for one or two years and is renewable on expiry.

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