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About Muis Halal Certification
Muis offers 7 types of certi cation schemes for food and non-food (related to the food industry) companies within Singapore. Assessment is thorough, as the whole production process – from raw materials or ingredients right up to the sale of the end product – is closely scrutinised to ensure they subscribe to the substance and spirit of the Islamic Law. By being stringent, it has given Muslim consumers added con dence in consuming and using Muis certi ed products and services.
Muis certi ed companies can af x the Muis Halal logo on its products or display the certi cate at its premises. In 2017, Muis has certi ed a total of 54378 products and 4456 premises in Singapore.
Halal Services
Muis provides the following Halal services:
1. Certi cation
2. Ritual cleansing and Halal food
veri cation for social functions
3. Public Education
4. Training
5. Complaint/feedback management
Benefits of having a Muis Halal Certificate
The Muis certi cate is an authoritative, reliable and independent testimony to support a company’s Halal product claims. It’s a mark of assurance which will enhance their products marketability
among Muslim consumers, both locally and abroad.
Types of Halal Certificates
Muis issues seven types of Halal certi cation schemes:
1. Product – for locally-manufactured/
processed products;
2. Eating Establishment – for eateries
including hawkers, restaurants, fast food chains, cafeteria, snack bars, bakeries, school canteen stalls, food kiosks, food stations in hotel restaurants and temporary food stalls;
3. Food Preparation Area – for central kitchens operated by food caterers,
hospitals and airports, and pre-school
4. Poultry Abattoir – for freshly
slaughtered poultry;
5. Endorsement – for manufacturers,
importers and/or exporters who intend to import, export or re-export products which have been Halal certi ed by Muis or foreign Halal- certifying authorities and/or agencies;
6. Storage Facility – for mobile and stationary storage areas such as cold rooms and warehouses;
7. Whole Plant – for manufacturing facilities and all products manufactured therein.

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