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making application approval faster and easier as compared to the manual process then.
In 2016, Muis phased a revised set of requirements called the Muis Halal Certi cation Conditions (HCC), it encompasses seven types of certi cation schemes spanning across the food chain, from products and eating premises to central kitchens, factories and poultry abattoirs and is aligned with the International Organisation for
Standardisation (ISO) and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). This ensures that companies meet the requirements for food safety as well as Halal concurrently. This version of the HCC is more reader friendly and transparent.
In December 2018, Muis attained the ISO 17065, an international standard on conformity assessment for bodies certifying products, process and services, the  rst certifying body in ASEAN to
be accredited. “The accreditation puts us on a different platform. It serves as an endorsement that our processes follow a certain set of standard,” said Munir Hussain, Assistant Director, Halal Certi cation Strategic Unit, Muis.
Muis has also received accreditation by Gulf Accreditation Center (GAC) to United Arab Emirates (UAE) Halal standards GSO-2055-2. The value of UAE’s recognition extends beyond the country’s borders as its main port Jebel Ali

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