175 Pandan Loop
Singapore 128459

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Ms Siti Zuhairah Bte Mustafa Kamal, Business Development Manager
Ms Siti Khadijah Bte Mustafa Kamal, Director


Nature of Business

MW Impex Pte Ltd is a 100% Muslim-owned company with more than 30 years of service in the provision of quality, Halal meat in Singapore.

Our core business activity is in the distribution of quality Halal meat products; primarily mutton (lamb), beef, chicken and supplementary supplies of seafood.

As an organisation, we aim to provide our customers with quality halal meats at affordable prices. Beyond offering our supply services, we also value-add businesses by offering cutting services such as slicing, cubing and mincing of various meats in order to meet our customer's needs. We have also recently extended our value-add services to include the On-Site Spit Whole Roast Lamb, which is truly a unique live station to have at any event.

Given our expertise and vast experience in the industry, our clientele has grown to include major restaurant chains, eateries, catering kitchens, wedding caterers, minimarts and moral homes. Being at the forefront of innovation, we have also embarked on our own brands of processed and pre-packed frozen meat products, namely AL-BAQA and SURIA, which can be found at NTUC FairPrice, Giant Supermarkets and selected minimarts respectively.