Nature of Business

Li Chuan is an established food manufacturer producing surimi paste and a variety of innovative surimi-based delectable with production plants in Singapore, China, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Besides producing finished-products for local market sales, the Singapore plant mainly focuses in top line growth with value added activities like product innovations, research in food sciences and technologies. Focus on excellence for business development and the flagship for the company's global strategic marketing efforts, was awarded with Singapore SME 500 Company Award in 2009, SME 1000 Company Award in 2010, Food Safety Excellence Award 2011 presented by Agri-Food Veterinary Authority of Singapore, Successful Entrepreneur 2011 and SME1 Asia Awards in 2012 as testaments to our commitment to be the best in class.

Our main production plants, located in Vietnam, houses two 8,000 sqm manufacturing facilities with an annual capacity of 30,000 metric tonnes. In our relentless effort to provide affordable products for the consumers and achieving bottom line growth for the company, Li Chuan vertically integrated raw surimi processing into its operations. The raw surimi is directly supplied to our finished-product production lines. Our Vietnam plant is strategically located near sustainable fish resources along the extensive Vietnamese coastline.

We specialise in:
• Fish ball
• Cheese tofu
• Corn fish cake
• Crystal ball
• Cuttlefish ball
• Cuttlefish paste
• Fish cake
• Fish dumpling
• Fish egg roll
• Fish ngoh hiang
• Fish paste
• Fried tau pok
• Fried wanton
• Golden summit cuttlefish ball
• Golden summit fish cake
• Mushroom ball
• Prawn ball
• Mini chikuwa
• Oriental fish fingers
• Saidou fish cake
• Seafood sticks
• Vegetable fish cake
• White fish cake
• Yong tau foo
• Fish slice
• Flavoured crab ball
• Breaded surimi scallop
• Flavoured crab sticks
• Surimi scallop
• Flavoured king crab ball
• Fish vegetable roll
• Bean skin roll
• Chicken meat roll