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Fresh and hygienically packed poultry available for restaurant, hotels, caterers, food industries, markets and minimart.



Trading in livestock meat poultry & seafood.


Processing, packaging and distribution of fresh/chilled/frozen chicken in whole or in part. Farm are in accordance with AVA approved standard and in high nutrition quality. More


Simply Choice is committed to provide convenient, value and variety fresh frozen meat to our customers. Our modern production facility can customise meat cuts and provide marinating and packaging services to meet our customers' needs. We are a HACCP… More


Fresh Chickens (Whole or Parts) Marinated Chickens (Whole or Parts) Marinating Services / Customised / Special Orders Available Spices etc...

Specialising in poultry business for • Poultry meat processing of fresh & frozen chicken products • Thawed chicken parts • Boneless breast • Whole black chicken • Whole spring chicken • Kampong chicken More

Specialising in: • Fresh poultry products • Frozen products • Frozen processed products

• Processing, packaging and distribution of chilled and frozen chicken, beef and lamb products • Provision of third-party chicken slaughtering services

Fresh chicken products: • Fresh pullets • Skinless chicken • Kampong chicken • Cage free chicken Fresh chicken parts: • Chicken bone • Chicken breast • Chicken feet • Chicken gizzard • Chicken leg • Chicken liver • Chicken skin • Chicken thigh • Chicken… More

We supply: • Halal frozen meat • Poultry We offer services customised to your needs. Services include processing, portioning, seasoning of meat products. Other address Factories: 15 Woodlands Loop #01-3536 Singapore 738322 4 Senoko Way Senoko Industrial… More