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Hallmark of Good Quality and Assurance

Hallmark of Good Quality and AssuranceSince March 2008, MUIS has introduced the Singapore MUIS Halal Quality Management System (HalMQ) to enable companies to enable companies to adopt a systems-based approach towards enhancing Halal compliance. Pronounced as ‘hallmark’, HalMQ is based on the Singapore MUIS Halal Standards, which were developed by MUIS-appointed Halal standards committee, in collaboration with SPRING Singapore.

The Singapore MUIS Halal Standards refer to a set of documents that are created to enhance transparency as well as to provide detailed information on how to achieve the MUIS Halal certification. It comprises of two components – religious and technical. Entitled ‘General Guidelines on the Handling and Processing of Halal Food’, the religious component deals with the definition as well as concept of Halal food such as what constitutes Halal food and what renders food as non-Halal. The technical component, called ‘General Principles for the Development and Implementation of a Halal Quality Management System’, details the criteria involved in the setting up, implementation and management of a Halal stem within certified premises.

HalMQ is a holistic approach that takes into consideration factors beyond the product (e.g its ingredients, preparation procedures, etc.). It involves elements which are crucial to Halal compliance such as documentation, resource allocation, management/staff commitment, continual improvement and crisis management.

Benchmarked against internationally known standards, HalMQ ensures Halal integrity by focusing on prevention – identifying Halal Assurance Points (HAPs) within the operations, and channelling adequate resources into these HAPs through constant control, monitoring and verification. The entire process should be backed by documents and records for easy traceability. Such proactive and reliable approaches will ensure that the Halalness of a finished product is always maintained.

To assist companies in instituting HalMq, MUIS has drawn 10 core principles – a systematic step-by-step approach to good Halal quality management system.

Hallmark of Good Quality and Assurance