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About MUIS Halal Certification

About MUIS Halal CertificationMUIS offers 7 types of certification schemes for food and non-food (related to the food industry) companies within Singapore. Assessment is thorough, as the whole production process – from raw materials or ingredients right up to the sale of the end product – is closely scrutinised to ensure they subscribe to the substance and spirit of the Islamic Law. By being stringent, it has given Muslim consumers added confidence in consuming and using MUIS certified products and services.

MUIS certified companies can affix the MUIS Halal logo on its products or display the certificate at its premises. In 2017, MUIS has certified a total of 54378 products and 4456 premises in Singapore.

Halal Services
MUIS provides the following Halal services:
  1. Certification
  2. Ritual cleansing and Halal food verification for social functions
  3. Public Education
  4. Training
  5. Complaint/feedback management

Benefits of having a MUIS Halal Certificate
The MUIS certificate is an authoritative, reliable and independent testimony to support a company’s Halal product claims. It’s a mark of assurance which will enhance their products marketability among Muslim consumers, both locally and abroad.

Types of Halal Certificates
MUIS issues seven types of Halal certification schemes:
  1. Product – for locally-manufactured/processed products;
  2. Eating Establishment – for eateries including hawkers, restaurants, fast food chains, cafeteria, snack bars, bakeries, school canteen stalls, food kiosks, food stations in hotel restaurants and temporary food stalls;
  3. Food Preparation Area – for central kitchens operated by food caterers, hospitals and airports, and pre-school kitchens;
  4. Poultry Abattoir – for freshly slaughtered poultry;
  5. Endorsement – for manufacturers, importers and/or exporters who intend to import, export or re-export products which have been Halal certified by MUIS or foreign Halal-certifying authorities and/or agencies;
  6. Storage Facility – for mobile and stationary storage areas such as cold rooms and warehouses;
  7. Whole Plant – for manufacturing facilities and all products manufactured therein.

Complying with MUIS Halal Certification
Before making any formal application, companies must first ensure that they can meet the conditions set by MUIS for the manufacture or preparation of Halal products or food. Here are some of the conditions they must fulfil for certification:
  1. Inspection will only commence after the company begins operation.
  2. If the establishment is a fast-food chain or operates under a franchise scheme, the company must ensure that all outlets are Halal-compliant.
  3. There must be at least two Muslim employees (three for operations under the Food Preparation Area scheme) involved in the production or preparation of Halal food. Their presence is vital in helping to verify that all food prepared meets the Islamic requirements and conditions set by MUIS. They must also be involved in receiving Halal food or meat supplies.
  4. Only Halal food and drinks are to be served. Non-halal food or ingredients such as pork, lard and alcohol are not to be served. They cannot be used in any food or drinks.
  5. All meat or poultry used must be slaughtered by qualified Muslims.
  6. All foreign Halal certificates for imported meat or poultry must be issued by Islamic authorities recognised by MUIS.
  7. Animal-based ingredients, such as gelatine and shortening, must be derived from a Halal source.
  8. All crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils and equipment, chillers, freezers and cold rooms must be ritually cleansed by MUIS-appointed personnel if they have been used previously for preparing food with pork.
  9. Halal food must be prepared and stored separately from non-Halal food and items with proper signs to distinguish them.
  10. There shall be no mixing of crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils and equipment for Halal and non-Halal food that may occur during collection, washing or storing. Separate washing and drying equipment for such items must be provided.
  11. All staff must not bring non-Halal food or beverages into the premises.

Inspection of Operations
MUIS Halal Officers will conduct an inspection at the applicant’s premises to ascertain that the manufacture or preparation of product/food meets Halal requirements. They will also check that there is proper supervision by Muslim employees in ensuring that the Halal status of the operations is maintained consistently. A repeat inspection may be carried out before an application is approved.

Award of Certificate
Once the Halal requirements set by MUIS are met, the applicant will be issued a Halal certificate. Periodic inspections will be made thereafter. The certificate is valid for one or two years and is renewable on expiry.

Ritual cleansing and Halal food verification for social functions
MUIS offers Ritual cleansing and Halal food verification services, also known as Ad-Hoc Halal Certification Services, for clients requiring halal food for events held at non-halal certified hotels.

Types of packages of offered
  • Package A: Ritual cleansing & Food Verification Services
    1. Comprises of the mandatory cleansing of 1 kitchen and cooking utensils, and other associated items performed one-day-one-time only, and food verification performed once only on the appointed date
    2. For events extending beyond one day, each subsequent day will be charged with Package C (Food Verification Service only). Should the kitchens and/or utensils are shared within this time period, additional Package B (Ritual Cleansing Service only) may be needed
    3. Ritual cleansing is conducted on kitchen(s), cooking utensils and other associated items that have come into direct contact with dogs and/or pork and its derivatives
    4. Food verification is conducted to certify that the ingredients used are Halal-compliant
    5. Muslim or Halal-related claims may be made, subject to the Halal-related Services Terms & Conditions – however, no claims such as “No Pork, N Lard” shall be made

  • Package B: Ritual Cleansing Service Only
    1. Comprises of the mandatory cleansing of 1 or more kitchens and cooking utensils, and other associated items performed one-day-one-time only
    2. No food verification is performed
    3. Ritual cleansing is conducted on kitchen(s), cooking utensils and other associated items
    4. No Muslim or Halal-related claims shall be made by the applicant as the ingredients used do not fall within the scope of certification
    5. If ritual cleansing and food verification services are required for the same event, applicant shall select Package A
    6. Also applicable for new stall tenants intending to apply for Halal certification for a stall which has previously been used to cook and/or serve non-Halal food

  • Package C: Food Verification Service Only
    1. Comprises inspection performed once only on the appointed date
    2. No ritual cleansing is performed
    3. No Muslim or Halal-related claims shall be made by the applicant as the utensils used were not ritually cleansed prior to the food preparation
    4. If ritual cleansing and food verification services are required for the same event, applicant shall select Package A

It is highly encouraged for applicants to select Package A, as it is inclusive of both services that are essential in assuring that the food which will be served in the event is Halal-compliant.

Complying with Ad-Hoc Halal Certification
  1. Upon completion of the mandatory cleansing, the restaurant shall not be using the cleansed kitchen and/or any other cleansed utensils and/or cutleries for any other food preparation and/or event
  2. The event venue representative must ensure that they are getting Halal ingredients from Halal-certified suppliers, especially for meat and poultry items and flavourings. They must request for a Halal certificate from the supplier, and ensure that the Halal certificate is valid
  3. It is a requirement to have a minimum of one Muslim staff involved in and/or overseeing the Halal operations at the event venue
  4. For events in a non-Halal certified restaurant, the restaurant shall be closed for walk-in customers during the time of event
  5. MUIS may impose additional requirements that it deems necessary in ensuring that food is Halal-compliant

Award of Certificate for Ad-Hoc Halal Certification Services
Once all documents have been received and approved, MUIS will send our contractors to perform the Ritual Cleansing and/or Food Verification Services on the appointed date. Should all requirements are met and fulfilled, a MUIS Halal Certificate indicating the name, date and location of the event shall be awarded afterwards.

Public Education
In an effort to provide public education on Halal matters, MUIS has been engaging the public via twitter. Twitter users are welcome to tweet out their queries with regards to Halal and Halal Certification to us @halalSG.

Upon request, MUIS would also be able to provide basic Halal classes for schools. However, this depends on the availability of our officers.

Companies interested to apply for Halal certification must send two representatives, one of them being the Muslim Representative, to complete a mandatory Halal training programme by MUIS-appointed training provider. This Halal training course is called the “Halal Foundation Programme” or HFP.

At the end of this two-day course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the definition and basic concepts of Halal certification
  • Be better prepared to comply with MUIS Halal requirements
  • Gain an overview of the principles of HalMQ (Halal Quality Management System)

In addition to that, MUIS also offer the following training programmes:
  1. Developing and Implementing the Singapore MUIS Halal Quality Management System
    At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
    • Understand the basic concepts and requirements of HalMQ
    • Learn how to prepare and document HalMQ procedures
    • Gain an overview of internal audit and assessment techniques
  2. Halal Slaughtering Course (Theory), which is available upon request Interested individuals/companies may visit our website at for more information.

Complaint/feedback management
MUIS adopts a tripartite halal family approach, comprising of:
  1. MUIS – conducts announced and unannounced inspections (frequency depends on the risk categorisation of the establishment); investigates and follow-up on all halal-related complaints pertaining to the establishment
  2. Halal certificate holders – ensure that the MUIS Halal Certification Conditions are complied with
  3. Public – provides a source of check and balance

Consumers who come across companies with doubtful Halal practices may send in their complaints and feedback to MUIS and we will investigate the feedback thoroughly.

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