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The information in this directory is updated as of 28th September 2018. Users of this directory are advised to check on the validity of the companies' Halal certificates before purchasing any items from the companies listed in the Directory.


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Company Product & Service Description

12 Senoko Avenue
Singapore 758302

Kwong Cheong Thye (KCT), a sauce pioneers that started in 1892 in China, continues to offer products that suit the changing lifestyles of consumers today and offer cooking convenience to consumers during Chinese festivals. In addition to its soy speciality sauces, also makes quality mooncake pastes for the Mid-Autumn festival and Fa Cai Yu Sheng packs (tossed raw fish salad) for the Lunar New Year. ...more
Adding flavours to your life 100 years and counting. ...more

Kwong Cheong Thye uses only the finest wheat flour and is stringent about hygiene to ensure top quality noodles and dumpling skins.
• 100% Egg Noodle
• Fried Egg Noodle
• Spinach Noodle
• Dried Spinach Noodle
• Tan Tan  Noodle
• Egg Noodle
• Egg Noodle (Thick)
• Shanghai Noodle (Fine)
• Shanghai Noodle
• Shanghai Cu Chao
• KCT Dried Egg Noodle
• Yee Mee
• Hong Kong Yee ...more


7 Senoko Crescent
Singapore 758263