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The information in this directory is updated as of 28th September 2018. Users of this directory are advised to check on the validity of the companies' Halal certificates before purchasing any items from the companies listed in the Directory.



Certification Made Easy Through Muis eHalal System

Muis has leveraged on Information Technology to facilitate its Halal certification process. Called the Muis eHalal System, or MeS, the web-based software manages all aspects of Muis Halal application process. The system allows companies to submit new applications or renew their certificates, rectify any shortcomings in their applications, update certification details as well as pay for their certificates online.

The MeS was first launched in November 2007. With its automated feature, Muis Halal application is made easy and simple.

Going online to apply for Halal certification
For those who are preparing to apply for Halal certification, it is advisable to begin online application after the premises is operational for a few weeks and is ready for inspection and audit.

You must have the right documents to back your application before going online. These include, but are not limited to:
• Licences issued by Agri-Food And Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), National Environment Agency (NEA) or Health Sciences Authority (HSA);
• Floor plan of the premises;
• Copy of Muslim staff NRIC/work permit and letter of appointment. There must be at least two Muslim staff for every premise. The Muslim status of your staff must be verified and acknowledged. If the Muslim staff is a foreigner, you must be able to show proof of the status of his religion;
• Product specification, wrappers of raw materials or product ingredients;
• Halal certificate of raw materials or product ingredients;
• Purchase invoices of raw materials or product ingredients.

First time applicants
New users must first log in to register. You will receive your customer code and password, the keys which you need to enter into the system to proceed with your application. Should you forget your password, you can request for a new one by clicking on the “Forget Password’ button and entering your customer code and email address. The new password will be sent to your email address.

Vital information for ingredients
Ingredients information is an important requirement in the certification process. You need to declare all the ingredients you use in your menu/product and enter the information into the system. The information includes ingredients’ and suppliers’ name.

Details of Halal team members
The applicants are expected to declare the names and details of the company’s halal team members, and the two Muslim staff assigned at the respective location.

Incomplete information
If your application is incomplete or found to be non-compliant, you will receive an email notification. You can then proceed to provide more information to rectify the shortcoming. Users must ensure that they reply in the system as well, to avoid auto-rejection.

Approval Status
Once your application is approved, the Halal Certificate will be processed. An invoice will be sent to the applicant via email within the next 7 working days upon the approval date. The date of issue of the certificate will be given as the date when the application for the certificate is approved. You need to bring the invoice when you pay and collect the certificate from Muis. Payments can be made either by cheque or cash.

Log on to make changes
Using the MeS, you can keep Muis informed on changes to the Muslim staff, ingredients and other relevant information.

Changes to the MeS
Though the MeS is still fully operational, Muis is currently working very closely with CrimsonLogic, LicenceOne, GovTech and Public Service Division to develop a new system which will be much simpler and more user-friendly. Since early 2017, Muis has been actively engaging MeS users for feedbacks and inputs to further improve the system.

This new system is targeted to launch by end of Q3 2018.