A comprehensive and effective marketing guide to promote the awareness of Halal Certification to the International market.
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The information in this directory is updated as of 28th September 2018. Users of this directory are advised to check on the validity of the companies' Halal certificates before purchasing any items from the companies listed in the Directory.



Foreword by Chief Executive, MUIS

Muis takes pride in excellence and strive to be the best in what we do. This year, Muis celebrates our 50th anniversary, with our tagline, ‘Striving with Confidence, Serving with Compassion’.

This year also marks the 40th year Muis has been involved in Halal certification. We have certified a total of 54,378 products and 4,456 establishments: an increase of approximately 25% and 10% respectively from the previous year. Muis’ Halal Quality Management System ensures that the farm-to-fork food chain is not broken, providing assurance that Halal-certified food are indeed Halal-compliant.

Maintaining the integrity of the Halal certificate is of utmost importance to us. We have strengthened the audit and inspection function to meet industry needs and demands. Muis always looks for new innovative ways to make our system more robust and our processes better and easier. I am proud to share with you that Muis Halal Certification services is now ISO 17065-certified - the first Halal certification services in ASEAN to receive such recognition. This is further testimony that our certification management system is well-structured and internationally-recognised.

We always maintain that a system that is transparent and user-friendly is a good indicator of its compliance. Muis is working closely with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Govtech and Enterprise Singapore to include the Muis eHalal System in LicenseOne, a one-stop license system for Singapore businesses, expected to be rolled out by the end of third quarter of 2018. This is a testimony to our commitment in facilitating the industry and serving our community.

We hope to be able to help both local industry and consumers alike in many years to come. This eighth publication is a useful platform for companies to search for Halal suppliers and to help market Singapore Halal-certified products internationally. This Directory is also made available online, so that consumers may have easy access to the information on Halal-certified premises. We hope readers find it beneficial.

Thank you.

Abdul Razak Hassan Maricar
Chief Executive
Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis)